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If you're feeling lost, overwhelmed or uncertain how to create positive changes in your life, then let's get together and sort it all out.

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Kurt Bublitz is your coach and mentor and is inherently qualified to tune into your personality traits and capabilities. Gifted with empathy and rare intuition, Kurt will help you focus in on what needs to happen in order for you to finally evolve into your own best genuine self.

Your success will require an initial investment of time and effort up front and then periodic progress check-ins after your plan is in place. Kurt is willing to work with you at whatever pace best suits your needs, but keep in mind that a commitment to yourself and your growth and well-being needs to be a priority. You can start feeling more focused and in better control of your future immediately. Trust in the process and trust in yourself. You are so much more than you realize!

Affordable Simple Fee Structure

$5 per 15-minute telephone coaching session.

Your 1st session includes 15 additional minutes for free!

Text or Call Kurt at 865-776-3809 to schedule your coaching/mentoring sessions.

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Custom tailored coaching for your unique goals and needs. It's all about YOU!

Upon entering this Paypal link, adjust the "Quantity" field as follows:Quantity 1 = 15 minutes $5Quantity 2 = 30 minutes $10Quantity 3 = 45 minutes $15Quantity 4 = 60 minutes $20